Moral decadence among teenagers

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AWARENESS AND APPRECIATION OF SUNNAH OF THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD S.A.W AMONG MUSLIM ADOLESCENTS IN SELANGOR Norsila Shamsuddin, Muhamad Wazir Muslat, Farid Wajdi Bin Mohd Noor, Noor Fadhzana Mohd Noor, Hafizah Khusni, Mujaini Tarimin Faculty of Education and Social Sciences University Selangor,,,, ABSTRACT By abiding to the examples and Sunnah (prophetic traditions) taught by the Prophet s.a.w, morality among the Muslim adolescents should be evident. But, the morality scenario is worsened. It is posited that awareness and appreciation of the Sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w among the Muslim adolescents is…show more content…
Its being frequently used has made the exact definition of awareness been left undetermined. Nevertheless, the term of awareness is perpetually accompanied with the level of knowledge, as seen the studies of Aadam T. Aris (2012), Joyce K.H. Nga (2010) and Indrani R. Halady, 2010), or with certain level of engagement in the practice (Faisal Talib, 2012), or recognition and assigning oneself to the subject matter (Gudmundur Aevar Oddsson, 2010), or understanding and perception (Diana Bowman, 2007), or exposure to subject without in-depth knowledge (Donna Morrison, 2012) or even relating awareness to the fact of knowing the existence of the subject matter, differentiating it from knowledge (Akinniyi A. Adeleke, 2012). A research was also conducted to investigate a level of awareness by asking the respondents to rate their performance as to prove their level of awareness towards their physical activities, and this was even validated with heart rate monitors and accelerometers (Stef P.J. Kremers, 2008). Appreciation on the other hand brings along a different dimension. Superficially the term appreciate denotes liking and preferability. In Alain d’Astous (2007), he enjoined the meaning of appreciation with favoritism, attachment, probability to recommend to others, high rated, love and pleasure. Besides that, Fagley (2012) in Adler and Fagley (2005) defined appreciation as acknowledging meaning and value of something – an
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