Morality And Ethical Behaviour Within The Human Population

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Morality and ethical behaviour within the human population is vital in order to conceive a healthy society. Although throughout history, morals and ethics have been used interchangeably, they are in fact not one in the same. Morality is within oneself and develops over a period of time as a result of meeting and resolving moral issues as they come forth, whereas ethics is essentially a moral compass, or a set of rules one follows throughout the course of their life (Crebert, Patrick, Cragnolini, 2004). From a personal perspective, I believe each individual has several distinguishing moral codes they live by, even if they may not distinctly know it. I personally have several moral foundations that I live by, including transparency,…show more content…
The reasons for doing so was to limit the trade-off between the emissions produced and performance of the vehicle (Davenport, Ewing, 2015). The implications of this in the real world is vast, affecting various interested parties around the world. Not only do employees, consumers and shareholders feel misguided and lied to, but also society as a whole. Truthfulness and transparency are fundamental concepts of morality that I use to define my life, and should have been executed in the case of Volkswagen. If they were transparent with their fundamental operations from the beginning, these corporate lies would never have occurred.
The Volkswagen scandal has caused, and will further cause, many consequences affecting major associated parties. Consequences of this scandal extenuate to the individual, organisational and social components of society. The individual consequences caused are mainly comprised of consumers and how they have been affected. Consumers, overall, have felt that they have been blatantly lied to and misguided by Volkswagen (Northern Daily Leader, 2015). This demonstrates that Volkswagen seemingly do not possess the moral trait of transparency amongst its operations with various stakeholders. Another aspect of society that has been adversely affected by this scandal is the organisational component. Volkswagen has had harsh financial repercussions, posting its first
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