Morality, By Joan Didion

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Morality in its basic definition, is the knowledge between what is right and what is wrong. In Joan Didion’s essay, “On Morality,” she uses examples to show how morality is used to justify actions and decisions by people. She explains that morality can have a profound effect on the decisions that people chose to make. I think that morality is an idea that is different for every individual based on morals and background.

In Joan Didion’s piece, “On Morality,” she objectivity thinks that every individual has a different conception of morality. She believes that each individual has their own meaning of morality and that people use their own personal meanings to justify right versus wrong in life. I agree with Joan Didion that people determine what is considered to be moral in their own opinions. Overall, I believe that morality exists and that it is defined differently by each individual. I believe that humans collectively require morality in order to prevent chaos and that everyone defines what is right by their own personal opinion. Overall, as a society, I believe that morality is needed to draw a thin line between the right and wrong whether they are based on law or morals.

In order to illustrate her point, Didion uses Klaus Fuchs and Alfred Rosenberg as examples. Fuchs was a British traitor who leaked nuclear secrets to the Soviets while Rosenberg was a Nazi administrator who was apart of the heinous and murderous acts during World War II. Didion adds the quote, “I

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