Morality, Does It Change During The Pursuit Of Survival? Essay

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Morality, does it change during the pursuit of survival? As society members, we should applaud the efforts of individuals who attempt to succeed in times of hardships. However, we need to categorize them by the way in which they achieve these successes and not solely on the results. In Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Road, A father and son are on a quest for survival after a catastrophic event wiped out most of the population and turned the land to ash. While struggling to survive in such a desecrate landscape, the father walks a fine line amongst the morals of a good guy vs a bad guy and often finds himself in precarious situations that test the moral codes of his good guy persona. By using the father’s willingness to use violence as a first resort, McCarthy argues that morals often change when faced with high leverage situations and as a result, the so called “good guys,” can no longer be identified as reliable sources when determining right from wrong. In order to fully understand the moral codes of the good guys, we need to start by defining the term with the help of the MacMillan dictionary; Good guy: “Someone who does what is morally right, especially a character in a film or text.” Morally right is a vague description, it could inferred like helping the elderly cross the street, donating money to charities, helping your parents with the chores. But they do all have one thing in common, helping others in need, something the father refuses to do in the following scene
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