Morality In International Relations

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International relations have always been a very important topic. Knowing and understanding the history of international relations is vital to learning how it has evolved and how we can handle it today and in the future. However today our historical egoism, or the idea that we believe we are better and more advanced than those in the past can blind us. In reality, history is a bit more complicated. We often ask if it is a never-ending march of progress or one conflict after another? The best we can do is learn and try to create a better future. With that said, we will be looking at two important factors in international relations: power and morals. It has been a widely-debated issue whether it is better to use power or morals in international relations. Some argue that power is the answer to international relations, and others believe that morals are the answer. In the end, several theories, authors, and examples can lead us closer to the aptness of international relations.
To begin with, many have argued that power is what maintains a balance between nations and what can also lead to war. First, let’s look at two major powers in the world: Europe and United States. Their international relation structures are very different. America is more realist than Europe in the way they use, desire, and view power. Europe’s perspective is more diplomatic and sophisticated. Europe tends to turn away from power and focuses on a creating laws and rules that world should follow. When an

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