Morality In Jasper Jones

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Although fictional texts are simply narratives, the characters and ideas presented within them have the ability to reflect a particular period in time and the attitudes and beliefs associated with it. The coming of age novel Jasper Jones, written by Craig Silvey, follows the journey of Charlie Bucktin, the thirteen-year-old protagonist, who is forced to rethink his traditional notions of right and wrong, after a tragedy opens his eyes to the world around him. Throughout the novel Silvey brings to light issues concerning morality, justice, and humility, by discussing them from the perspectives of certain individuals including Charlie, Jasper and Jeffrey. Overall it is these representations that provoke audiences to question their own morality, and to question the prejudices present in society during that era. Throughout the novel, the Character Charlie Bucktin has been constructed to highlight how innocence can shield us from the true corruption and immorality present in the world around us. In the beginning, Charlie represents innocence and obliviousness, traits that at the time came naturally to a ‘well off’ middle class white Australian. Silvey has constructed Charlie to be well read and well educated, a trait which in turn allowed him to view society in a way far beyond the era he lived in; in a way Charlie represents the change and non-discriminatory outlook to come in future years. However, because of his well-sheltered background, Charlie remains for the most part,
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