Morality : Oppressed By Religion Or Born From It?

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Morality: Oppressed by Religion or born from it?
“Morality as Anti-Nature” is a piece written by a German philosopher by the name of Friedrich Nietzsche. A majority of Nietzsche’s works attacked the idea of religion, especially that of Christianity. He believes that humans are essentially good, that morals are instinctive, and we have a natural process of learning how to be moral without the rules put in place by religion. In his piece “Morality as Anti-Nature” he makes his point that religion is an unnecessary oppressor that is only for the weak willed. He discusses how religion specifically attacks “passions” and how religion strives to eliminate them completely. I believe that Nietzsche has a point that yes there are negative aspects of religion, but religion is important to the development of morals and the eradication of it would leave the world spiraling downward into a chaotic mess.
“But the attack on the roots of passion means an attack on the roots of life: the church is hostile to life” (Nietzsche. Page 348). Nietzsche states this because he wants to make a point that in his mind religion is toxic and aims to destroy life itself. In this quote he is talking about how religion attacks passions, and believes they should be completely eradicated, when essentially all it is doing is setting a moral boundary for people to follow. Nietzsche believes that humans are essentially good and don’t need an oppressive structure to interfere with the natural course of human
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