Morality and Politics

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MORALITY AND POLITICS INTRODUCTION If we divide morality of an individual in two types- individual and public, then public morality comes in political morality. Public moralities have responsibility for welfare of other people and keep justice among them. On the other hand, an individual morality is personal views and ethics and this is not responsible for other’s welfare. When we failed to keep both kind of morality separate, then it affects other persons in a destructive way. Morality belongs to an individual. If an individual act according to his moral views then it affects other by his actions. By affecting other he is also affecting the politics as politics is belong to peoples. A person chosen by public makes policies and takes decision on the behalf of whole nation. If he takes decision and make policies according to his moral views, then it also affect whole nation and people. That’s how morality of an individual connects to whole nation’s people. Similarly when a person choose a candidate by casting his vote according to his moral’s view , then he also connects his morality to other people because his morally chosen candidate might be next leader of nation. In both examples, both candidate and individual have a responsibility to other people. Now his morality comes in scenario. If leader takes decision according to his moral percept, either they are in favor of public or not, then it becomes dangerous. Also if a person just cast his vote, because his thinking match
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