Morality and Social Policy

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Morality and social policy According to ADDIN EN.CITE Noonan1970705Noonan (1970)7057055John T. NoonanJohn T. Noonan, JrAn Almost Absolute Value in HistoryThe Morality of Abortion: Legal and Historical Perspectives51-591970CambridgeHarvard University Press HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_2" o "Noonan, 1970 #705" Noonan (1970), "anyone conceived by a man and a woman is human" and by recognizing this fact, it is inhuman to kill the fetus despite its imperfections. He also presents the argument that by limiting humanity to exclude certain groups which comes from allowing abortion as a result of imperfections in the fetus risks creating precedence in allowing certain groups to be excluded in society. The author also states that the moral analysis conducted in his essay comes from the perception of the fetus' humanity and the weighting that is given to the fetal rights against other fundamental human rights. He presents the argument that if any other human being's life should be spared despite their imperfections, the rights of fetuses should also be upheld. The author states that this can be put as a commandment in the sense that one should not "injure your fellow man without reasons". He continues his argument by stating that the only condition when the humanity of the fetus can be put aside and abortion upheld as a moral decision is in self-defense. Here, the author refers to the situation where the life of the fetus must be ended in order to save the mother's life "reason alone
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