Morality in Education Essay

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In the realm of IPods, text messaging, video chatting, online video games, and email, what does the average teen think about morals? Are the students of this generation receiving the moral support they need from their parents, schools, and community members? Should these entities even be involved in helping to develop students morality? How should morals be defined and whose are "right"? These are all questions that a professional school counselor (PSC) will face and need to ask themselves regularly. Morality in education is an emotionally-charged issue and one that has many facets, creating numerous challenges for the PSC. To begin, the idea of morality needs to be defined and some assumptions made. According to the Stanford…show more content…
Media, parents, and peers have twisted the idea of morality, causing the younger generation to suppress their morals in exchange for personal gain and acceptance. A student would cheat on their test, in order to be accepted by their parents and better their chances of getting into college, without considering it immoral or wrong. This mindset has created, according to Sandhu et al., a spiritual emptiness that leaves the student without love, meaning, hope, belonging, empathy, and completeness (Rayburn, June 2004). Data has expressed the concrete need for some sort of moral intervention in the youth of today. The Josephson Institute of Ethics reported that in 2002, twelve thousand students were surveyed and seventy four percent admitted to cheating on an exam, forty three percent believed they needed to lie to get ahead in life, and ninety five percent thought trustworthiness is important (Britzman, 2010). While the students believe that it is important to be trustworthy, the false impression that they need to lie to get ahead and the desire to be the best at all costs, causes almost three-quarters (if we extrapolate the numbers onto the whole population) of all students to cheat. Cheating is a perfect example of one of the "lesser" morals. People often try to justify cheating by stating "you can only hurt yourself". While part of that

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