Morally Commendable Behavior: Personal Statement

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The incident that I will be describing here makes me feel proud in that I performed in at least two morally commendable ways. Firstly, I persisted in working to exonerate an innocent man. Secondly, I saved the face of my superior and refrained from humiliating him even though he was in the wrong and I in the right. In both instance, I did something uncomfortable to myself because I thought it was the correct and upright thing to do. This is my story: I, Robert B. Brown, am a *corporal in Division *. Approximately, a * week ago, I was summoned by * a colleague, J., who wanted information on a new recruit, SPC Pegg. J. had signed up P. for the Transportation BN HHC Company Battle Training Assembly (BTA) on March 7th and 8th, but I failed to find orders for him in the system. Strangely enough, P. had received an "U" (unexcused) for BTA weekend, and Jensen wanted to know why this was the case, particularly since absence of orders showed that the recruit had not received the necessary orders commanding him to appear. J., therefore. spoke to C., his *superior, and we managed to dig up the orders which showed that they had only been produced on 8th March. P., was, actually, then, innocent since his orders had come out on the day that he was supposed to be on duty; he had received his orders too late. The unfortunate man, in the meantime, was on probation for felony and under house arrest, but J. informed me that Clevenger would obliterate the 'U" pending his talk with the

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