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David M Johns Ethics in the Workplace Module 4 – Assignment 4 9/8/2014 Case 4.3 One Nation under Wal-Mart 2. Is there a Wal-Mart in your area? If so, has it had impact on your community or the behavior of local consumers? If there’s no store in your area, would you be in favor of Wal-Mart opening one? Explain why or why not? There is a Wal-Mart in my community, it is roughly 5 miles from my house and I don’t think it has had the effects that are prevalent in the article. Wal-Mart in my area is a little bit farther out of the way than the local grocery store or other stores such as Target; therefore I think the location of the store may have caused it not to be as successful. I can’t speak for the average consumer because when I…show more content…
What determines whether speech is commercial or not? USC law professor Erwin Chemerinksy states, “If a company makes false statements about its product or practices with the intent of increasing profits, that’s commercial speech.” My interpretation of that is that anything that a company says to increase their profits or their sales is considered commercial speech. It seems to me that all of the statements that Nike made about their work conditions in foreign countries were commercial speech; they were doing this in order to stop the boycotts of students and to increase the sales of their products. All of the statements that were made were ways to get more people to purchase their products, or at least stop people from boycotting them. If we are to go what the law professor defines commercial speech as, then in my opinion they were clearly engaging in commercial speech. 4. Do corporations have the same moral rights as individual human beings? Should they have the same political rights? Is it morally permissible to limit the speech of corporations in ways that would be wrong if applied to the speech of individual citizens? If it is permissible, is it a good public policy? I do not think a corporation should have the same moral rights as human beings, a corporation is not a self-standing individual, and instead it is run by human beings. I think there are times that they should be allowed free speech but there are other times that it should be restricted. I
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