Morbid Obesity Research Paper Outline

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Morbid Obesity Eating Disorders Definition:
According to Healthline, "morbid obesity is a condition in which you have a body mass index higher than 35." It results from having too much fat stored in the body. Possible Causes:
Excessive caloric intake, thyroid disorders, lack of physical activity
Risk Factors:
Poor eating habits
Low activity levels
Stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep
People who have quit smoking
Women who have gained weight during pregnancy or menopause
Contributing Factors:
Some medications
Hypothyroidism and other conditions
Signs and Symptoms:
Obesity can lead to:
Heart disease and blood lipid abnormalities
Type 2 diabetes
Sleep apnea
Reproductive problems
Certain cancers
Obesity hypoventilation syndrome
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Administer Zoloft R: to relieve depression
I. Monitor for signs and symptoms of suicide or mood change
II. May cause drowsiness
III. May decrease sexual desire or ability
2. Monitor for signs of medication abuse R: self-esteem issues can trigger major depression and people may take more medicine then actually prescribed
3. Educate on healthy diet R: not everyone knows what a healthy diet and normal proportions are
4. Exercise regularly R: to become more healthy, regular exercise is normal
5. Remove excessive stress from life R: stress can lead to physical and mental issues like overeating, so avoiding stress can lessen that chance
6. Monitor for signs and symptoms of substance abuse R: patients may try to take medicines or substances to cope with their self esteem issues
7. Provide support R: to ensure the patient that they can get better with proper treatment and help
8. Advise to talk to a specialist about surgery if no other treatments work for them R: surgery might be an option to help them better their health, especially if no other methods have been successful for
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