Morbidity: Lung Cancer

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Morbidity-Lung Cancer The human body is designed so that each part is dependent on the other for one or the other reason. There is a delicate balance to the distribution of functions and the way in which each system defenses itself against any unmentionable disease or ailment. However, there are stages in the lives of all humans when the body finds itself in a position where it is no longer able to defend itself against ailments and diseases and eventually may even lose the battle. One such disease which claims many lives every year in this manner is Cancer. So far so, there has been no cure for Cancer but some medicines and treatments are now available which can slow down and in some cases can even alter the effects of Cancer, depending on the stage at which the disease is at that moment. For this paper however we would concentrate on Lung Cancer and its effects. Lung Cancer, like any other type of cancer, is the uncontrollable growth of cells in the lung tissue. The main causes that contribute to lung cancer include inhaling carcinogens (basically, smoking), exposure to ionizing radiation, viral infections and even air pollution. These factors basically damage the tissues lining the bronchi in the lung, leading the cancer to develop further (Vaporciyan & Nesbitt JC, 2000). Primary lung cancers that develop in the epithelial tissues of the lung are known as carcinomas and claim the top spot in terms of leading cancer-related death causes. As of 2004, lung cancer
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