More Important To A Child's Education Than Race By Sarah Garland

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As society witnesses a decisive age saturated with social conflicts, manipulated and crudely inflated information by emerging statistics and evidence, individuals seem to be evolving into much more polarised and less persuadable audiences, becoming difficult targets for writers struggling to convey viewpoints and to come into view from the mainstream media. Take the case of Sarah Garland, who personifies the idealised carrier of hidden and avoided truth by illustrating how the immersed writer must successfully achieve the delivery of his or her message whilst framing accountability through the strategic and ethical use of mirror-effects and emotional handling, consolidated evidence with the ability to challenge and modify the perception of…show more content…
She essentially claims that fifty years after the arduous success of the Civil Rights Movement, social class has widened the gap propelled by racial division that had slowly began to correct itself in the American society. Garland also presents statistical information generated by prominent universities throughout the United States, and reflects such data through the example of two socio-economically and racially different families and the extent to which their earnings can enlighten the path of their children, representing the low and high ends of the income spectrum. As one of her final points, she analyses possible solutions revolving around the process of closing the gap preventing low-income children from merging with high-income children and the opportunities that the latter are privileged with, mentioning the lack of political activism and social consciousness towards the magnitude of such conflict affecting both parents and children’s expectations of learning and
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