More On Getting Your Prayers Answered

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More on Getting Your Prayers Answered
By Barbara Henderson | Submitted On October 29, 2009

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Expert Author Barbara Henderson
Oops! I Left Out a Couple of Things on How to Get Your Prayers Answered.

Last week I wrote an article titled 'Seven Steps to Getting Your Prayers Answered '. Well, this week I realize I left out a two important things. First, there is another step; and, it may be the most important step after the step of salvation. It is forgiveness.

When I first realized the importance of forgiveness my thought was, 'Oh! RATS! ' Why does THAT have to come into getting my prayers answered? I suppose it truly is about getting my prayers answered; but, even more important, it is about getting closer to the Lord.

Anyway, if you are praying for something that is dreadfully and continually important to you, then you must consider your own life. Sometimes, a delay in getting a positive answer to your prayer means 'sin lieth at the door '. (Genesis 4:7) The sin at the door is often lack of forgiveness toward those who have wronged you. The more I studied on forgiveness, the more I came to realize.... 'I 've been robbed! '....

That 's right.
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