More Ready Than You Realize : The Power Of Everyday Conversations

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When we think of evangelism, we tend to have a few big names, like Billy Graham, D L Moody, George Whitefield, and John Sung. Our mindset immediately goes to “They are powerful Christians used by God, but I am just a common believer”. Later we will arrive at a conclusion: I can never be good at evangelism. Gradually, we lost the courage to even trying evangelism.
Thankfully, Brian McLaren provided another perspective in the book “More Ready than You Realize: The Power of Everyday Conversations”. Fresh, rediscovered strategy was presented clearly in this book.
Starting from the beginning, McLaren defined the good evangelists and the good evangelism. He defined good evangelists as people who felt sent by God to engage others in good
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But many times people are convinced by our love and acceptance, not by our logical teachings.
I like the idea that McLaren presented as “Sometimes belonging must precede believing” (1035/2485). Christians should build a community with faith. Love and commitment to Jesus Christ. The seekers do not need to have the same faith, but still are welcome to be with us, to belong here, to experience what we’re about (1035/2485). Too often, our church has become a social club with a heaven tickets. Non-believers feel awkward and not welcomed in the church because everyone talks only to friends. As McLaren states, if people can belong long enough to observe how God is alive among us, if people can belong long enough to see authentic love among us, if they can belong long enough to see whatever good exists in our lives as individuals and as a community, they can come to believe (1050/2485). This kind of environment is really seeker-friendly.
The event and process theory is also a great one. In Christian circles, we tend to have an evangelistic meeting, invite a keynote speaker, and then count the hands lifted after the altar calling. It is a modern way of doing evangelism. For some people, they can recall such an event that they accepted Jesus as Savior. For others like me, it took a long process. I cannot define a specific moment that I became a Christian. I like the idea of
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