More Students are Stepping into the Collegiate World

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Collegiate institutions in the United States are increasing their student pool immensely each year as more and more students are taking the step into higher education. Students are beginning to realize the importance that a college degree holds in their future. In his book College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be, Andrew Delbanco emphasizes what college holds for an attendee, and what the attendee should intake, but also justifies the purpose of college concisely through elaborate explanations regarding his reasoning. Higher education in the United States is becoming the means through which individuals are attaining the “minimum qualification for entry into the skilled labor market” (Delbanco, 25), which is otherwise known as a Bachelor’s Degree. But to successfully graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, one must be admitted to college. More than often, however, college applicants cannot get into the school that they desire to step forth into. Certain aspects of their application do not surpass the qualifications that are held by the school, such as standardized test scores. Standardized test scores should not decide the next step for dedicated students, and should not limit their potential as successful individuals, hence should not restrain the student from attaining a Bachelor’s degree. It has been clearly recognized that individuals with a BA degree can far surpass those with solely a high school diploma, “...and there is abundant evidence that people with a college degree
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