More Than A Sport Essay

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More Than A Sport “This is the movement towards improvement,” I thought while hitting a muddy, stained ball. I am squinting my eyes to look through the walls of gray fog covering my target ahead. I can smell the lush, green grass under my feet. I hear the tiny birds chirping in the tall Monterey Cypress trees above. It is just another calm Saturday playing golf on the mushy grass of San Francisco. I could have fished, balled, or skateboarded, but I decided to come here instead. This is because it is a special hobby unlike any other. Golf helped shape my personality, and disciplined me both physically and mentally. This motto was also inspired by golf, which helped me get through many challenging times. This is my golfing story. It…show more content…
I slowly turned the silver handle and peaked inside. “Just on time! Take a seat,” A delighted young man in a black polo shirt said. I looked around the classroom to see twelve kids staring at me. I quickly made my way to the closest chair in reach. “Okay, welcome to the advanced golf camp of the First Tee of San Francisco! I’m your instructor, coach Daniel, if you don’t already know! alright, let’s not waste time and get right away to the course!” The man in black said. “Oh crap, I’m screwed,” I thought after realizing that I was in an advanced class. The colossal eighth graders stood up and headed outside. I was shaking, feeling like a small fish in a tank of sharks. We had a long walk until we approached a large grassy practice area. “Here is your club Mark, and how long have you been playing?” Coach Daniel asked while handing me a long club. “It’s my first time,” I quietly said while taking the club. “Well, do your best to keep up, but let me see a shot right now,” He said. I walked to a grassy golf stall and tried to grip my club with my sweaty, cold hands. I took a long swing and gave the ball a strong whack, only to see it fly six inches up and land in the grass, still in my arm’s reach. I felt miserable and embarrassed, and just wanted to hide my face. The other kids started hitting, and I was in awe as I saw the the ball effortly fly across the air. I gave it a few more attempts, but the results were the same. After
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