More Than A Uniform Commercial Essay

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In the commercial ad, “It’s more than a Uniform”, the viewers are able to get insight on the wonderful opportunities that the Army force has to offer. The soldiers in the commercial ad seem dedicated to their army roots and wear their uniforms with pride. This makes viewers more curious to find out what the military force has to offer to the public. Many people are enticed by the ads motivational aspect and its deep meaning of what a career in the Army can do to help them accomplish their future goals. The commercial ad, gives a new meaning to uplifting and symbolic. The commercial also uses strong language and positivity to motivate watchers to become a part of the Army. Throughout the commercial ad it may seem as if the primary focus is the uniform. …show more content…

The messages, add an eloquent and motivational aspect to the commercial. In the commercial, you will see motivating messages such as “this is your jersey” and “this is your acceptance letter” to signify the importance of the Army uniform. This is a great way to capture an audience of people who might not be able to attend college or be great at sports. However, it also adds a little solace to viewers who might think that their opportunities are limited. The Army gives opportunities to young men and women to become marketable within the USA without having to be top scholar or top draft picks, and this is great to know in today’s society because unemployment plays a huge role in today’s economy. The commercial ad also uses concrete messages such as “breakthrough” and “wiser”, this tells the audience that becoming a part of the Army will give them a sense of new life and wisdom. This is a remarkable way to let viewers know that their life will ultimately change if they become a part of the Army. Many people might find the motivational messages as persuasive. However, it gives a wholehearted approach that cannot be denied as

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