More Than Just A Game

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More Than Just A Game The atmosphere warming up was silent, you could hear a pin drop. The field was a perfect shade of green with a hint of dew on the tips of each piece of grass. Yesterday, my team AC Sandhills was defeated 7-0 in our first game of the 2012 Mother’s Day Tournament. There was no energy in anyone at the moment, including myself. We thought the next game would just be like the first, another blowout. We thought we were done in this tournament, but little did I know this would be the game where everything would change. My coach JR noticed that we were not ourselves in our warmup. So right before kickoff he gave us a speech about how to bounce back after a horrendous defeat. “When I was in college, we lost our first game of the season off of an own goal 1-0. You know what happened in the next game? We won, 4-0. Do you know how we won? Because we moved on. We focused on what we had to do in the next game and we forgot about the last one. That’s what I want you guys to do.” His motivational words filled me and the rest of my team with a hunger for victory. We walked out onto the field with a ton of energy but right as the whistle blew you could tell we were not playing at all as a team. We were getting dominated all over the field. Pass after pass from the other team, touching the ball was a gift for our team. Then, about 10 minutes into the game, a player on the opposing team received a pass and dribbled through our defense like it was non-existent. He weaved
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