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From the multi-award-winning Patrick Ness the author of the Chaos Walking trilogy and A Monster Calls comes the most proactive book I have read titled More Than This. This is a young adult fiction from the first page will put you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what is happening and why. It is full of suspense and hope,but also heartbreaking.

More Than This comes from the first person point of view of a teenage boy named Seth. From his point of view you can imagine everything he is experiencing this enhances the reader's experience by making the book a lot more interesting and enchanting. The book takes place in a town in England that was completely deserted and looked as if a war broke out before hand and also seemed to have no sign of any human life or activity. The main conflict in this book is that Seth whom is the protagonist is trying to set free the humanity from this “internet” world but there is this character named the “Driver” whom is the
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This in my opinion was a genius idea for a book. Patrick Ness’s writing makes you feel like you are there in the story. His writing is so descriptive and immersive. But the only problem is the story ends with no true resolution you dont know if the world was saved or did the plan actually work.

Furthermore there is a quote that is in the story that caught my attention.“There's always beauty, if you know where to look.” This quote in my opinion is very inspiring it helped change my point of view on the world that not everything is bad that there are good things in the world.

In conclusion More Than This was very good and immersive even though the ending was not satisfactory the book was well written. The point of view of Seth made the story even better it allowed you to feel like you were part of the story.Patrick Ness is a magnificent story writer and master wordsmith with a vibrant
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