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Name of the business: More Vino Ltd.
Nature of the business: Wine Retailer, Bar and Restaurant, Wholesale, and Delivery
Marketing Analysis: More Vino Ltd. is a wine retailer located in Trinidad and Tobago and is the newest local hot spot for food, drink, and entertainment. The Stone brothers, Christian and David, started More Vino Ltd. with the help of an investor and his partner, Arthur Greenway. Trinidad and Tobago is a hub for tourists to vacation all year round. The driving growth is mainly dependent on the tourism. With traditions that have lasted over 150 years, the island is a popular vacation spot for both tourists and natives alike. There is a cyclical demand for this product due to the
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This change may affect the business negatively if the service and the atmosphere do not justify the increase. The COGS for More Vino Ltd. was high, but experienced a decrease within one year, which shows promise for future growth. More Vino Ltd. is promoted primarily through word of mouth. Because More Vino targets young professionals, the locals know them to be the town’s hot spot. With the expansion, Christian wants to sell accessories such as glasses and gift baskets, which will help to promote their business even further. The two channels of distribution are in house and wholesale. At this time, both channels are bringing in great business. With the expansion in place, I believe that More Vino Ltd. will continue to prosper and experience little set back as long as the brothers are like-minded in furthering their business together and keeping focus on their target customers.
Operations analysis: More Vino operates on four subunits that include retail, wholesale, bar and restaurant, and a delivery service. Christian and David find a variety of wines available in the country to bring to their business. The business saw a decrease in current assets from 2006 to 2007 by 47.5%. There was a notable change in the inventory and accounts receivables during this one-year period. The net fixed assets experiences the opposite change from 2006 to 2007, as there was a 102.8% increase. The TAT for 2007 was 3.87, which is relatively low, but it shows that More Vino Ltd. is

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