More Zumba, Less Childhood Obesity

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Sabria Scantling Mrs. Baze Senior Project 25 September 2014 More Zumba, Less Childhood Obesity “Everyone has a role to play in helping our kids lead healthy lives” (Tucker). According to Charlotte Tucker, approximately one in three children are obese or overweight. Since the terms are often used interchangeably, obese is defined as someone that is severely overweight whereas overweight is defined as a person that is above the normal weight but is still healthy. Obesity can cause the heart to work harder than it should, putting people at risk for diabetes, asthma, and heart failure. Some things that can typically cause obesity are psychological angsts, limited access to affordable foods, lack of daily physical activity, and even culture. Zumba is a dance fitness class that was designed to combine fun and energy to help people feel amazing. Zumba has progressed into a worldwide phenomenon (Classes). This lively workout “teaches children to lead active lives [by] combating childhood obesity, teaching body coordination, helping youngsters develop healthy friendships with other kids, and encouraging kids to explore the world of dance and fitness” (Benefits Of Zumba for Kids). Zumba is the best form of exercise to assist in reducing obesity rates among children because instructors become role models for kids to look up to, because the afterschool Zumba program is free, and because Zumba gives kids a culturally varying perspective. A child follows whoever he or she looks up to in

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