Morehead Inspiration Center Essay

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The Morehead Inspiration Center is a residential recovery program, serving approximately 100 adult males, over the age of 18, that are seeking recovery from chronic alcohol or drug related addictions. The primary mission of the center is to strengthen the individual recovering from an addiction, support their families and to serve the community in which they reside. The Morehead Inspiration Center is one of ten across Kentucky that participates in the Recovery Kentucky Initiative, a not for profit organization, that was initially started by Governor Ernie Fletcher in 2005. This initiative was an attempt to address chronic addiction in Kentucky, a primary cause of homelessness. It is a 9-12 month recovery program that is peer-driven,…show more content…
Narcotics Anonymous is a support group using the same principles as Alcoholics Anonymous but designed for individuals addicted to narcotics (Fortinash & Holoday Worret, 2012). The programs emphasize both personal responsibility and mutual accountability by means of a social model recovery program which is peer-driven. Recovery Kentucky utilizes care and change as their foundation for the peer-driven model. Participants are often reminded the program is not just a pit stop for drug and alcohol use but a commitment to change the whole body, mind and spirit. They are required to attend community meetings and complete a twelve step program where the client will acknowledge the problem, recognize a solution and develop a plan of action that will support the ultimate goal of sobriety (MIC Program Description, n.d.). The recovery program is comprised of four phases. The first phase of the program referred to as SOS or “Safe off the Street” offers an environment for the client to become drug and alcohol free, commit to a plan of recovery and determine whether or not he wants to change. Clients move from the SOS phase into the Motivational Tracks where they focus on the first two steps of the twelve step program. During this phase clients are required to walk to classes that are held at off campus locations. This is referred to as “trudging” which shows their commitment to recovery mimicking the same commitment they had for their addiction. During this phase clients
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