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Morgan-Moe’s Drug Stores

Morgan-Moe’s Drug Stores

6 month study on Performance Management System


Due to customers spending less, low commodity purchases, and location closers employees at Morgan-Moe’s drug store have been insecurity about their jobs was taking a toll on attitudes.


Over the last 6 months, stores throughout the company have used a performance management system to boost morale, respond to employees’ sense of hopelessness and fear, and retain effective employees.

Performance Management System:

* Program I – Traditional Management. Providing employees with little to no information or opportunities for participation.
83 /299 stores (the oldest stores and those in the
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Least Effective:

Program I would be the least effective as it is the 2nd highest in turnover (30%) and has the least weekly profit ($5,700)

(IV) Data Concerns
Do Number of Stores Influence Conclusion- This has no impact on conclusion because the data range for stores was from 27 to 87 giving it a mean of 59.8 and SD of 27.5. This demonstrated that the numbers of stores that participated in the programs was sufficient enough to analyze and interpret. Program V just happens to have the highest number of stores participating, but that would be irrelevant if it wasn’t the most profitable.
Inferences about program success based on Manager Program Selections- It may have had a negative impact if there weren’t enough participants in the program. However, I believe there was some bias for the Managers selecting one program over the others. Even though we are empowering the Managers to make decisions for their location, we are not empowering the employees themselves as they were not involved with the Managers to make the decision as a team. In addition, Program I is not really a program, but an election to not participate as they were conducting business as usual.

Advantages of Programs being randomly assigned to locations- It would have given those location whom were really struggling a chance to be profitable and improve morale. In addition, you cannot measure a Managers effectiveness if you don’t have them
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