Morgan-Moe's Case Study

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The effectiveness of Morgan-Moe’s Motivational Programmes 1. Executive Summary Morgan Moe’s drug stores are in financial crisis due to economic downturn. All expansion plans were halted and staff were being laid off. To avert these crises, new systems were introduced to motivate staff amidst the challenges. This report details the results of implementing the various motivation programmes with valuable recommendations. 2. Introduction Throughout the assessment, some key dependent and independent variables were worth noting. These are: • The individual management styles • The demographics (age, mobility, employee status) • Employee satisfaction and turnover In each of the programmes however,…show more content…
Note: • The total number of stores did not influence our conclusion of which programme was more effective because the results were based purely on financial comparisons. • The involvement of the managers in the choice and implementation of the programmes empowers them and enhances their skills in goal setting. • The merits in randomly assigning different conditions are: o To avoid or mitigate manager prejudice and ensure the achievement of the overall Programme objectives. o To give variation in the findings for future reference and eventually ascertain which method or programme is the best suited for Morgan-Moe 5. Recommendations In managing retail employees, it is a good practice to: • Be proactive in sensitizing and developing staff people skills through regular management Programmes such as capacity building and age diversity programmes, so they are abreast with changing trends in the business environment • Establish good communication channels among the various levels of employees as well as the external environments • The participation of a more experienced workforce helps these programmes because they bring more knowledge, experience and are more stable on the job. Also, their productivity is high with reduced labour cost as a result of less man hours. But most importantly, the company can leverage from them in bridging the knowledge gap. • In an economy that is not doing so

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