Morgan Monologue

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Merry Christmas! It has been a while Morgan! I’m sure you must miss me – how long has it been? Twenty? Thirty years? Do you remember me Morgan? I was your neighbour back in Townsville and we went to Manorfield Primary School together. I’m sure you don’t know (or remember) a lot about me, but lately, I’ve been hearing a lot from you! Rest assured, its good news. You were promoted to ‘Constable’ just a few months ago right? Heard you’re doing a damn good job. Must be nice, having a good income, a nice little family and generally living a happy and enjoyable life. Brings me back to our days when we were just kids who didn’t know or care how the world revolved. I’m sure you don’t remember me (I already said that) that well so I’ll give you a little…show more content…
As a natural born genius, I didn’t get along with those lowlifes in our class (you’re an exception though), I never truly felt like I fitted in, I always felt cast aside as if I was a pickle thrown out of the hamburger. Nothing interested me though, every day I would look out the window with dull eyes, hoping something would spark colour into my monochrome life. And at the time, a fly landed against the window. I instinctively squashed the fly with my thumb; the entrails were left scrapped against the glass. As the kids in our class thought carefully what they were going to eat at lunch, I was finally developing an interest that would follow me to this day. This leisure pursuit was biology, the study of life. There was something very intriguing about arteries and blood cells. But do you know what else is more interesting? The…show more content…
I obtained this initiate assistant, Gary was his name. Always wearing those hideous pair of oval glasses and his yellow sweater. Every day I had to listen to him ramble about his pathetic life while we prepared our projects. I personally despised him, yet I couldn’t be open with that opinion. And then something inconceivable happened, one day Gary stopped talking to me – no, he was avoiding me. The talkative Gary, the overly friendly Gary, was eluding me. At first, believed it was a good thing, that he finally realised himself how infuriating he is. But then I had a thought, an insight. He may have realised what I have been doing in secret. I couldn’t allow him to meddle into my peaceful life, he needs to die. I quickly took action and set an alarm in the dead of the night – when I usually perform my private experimentations. As usual, I brought out the subjects for the daily tests. A piercing noise struck through the corridors, echoing towards my room. Gary was here. I stood up eagerly and gripped my bone saw, dashing outside. The sounds of panting and footsteps rang loud, accompanied by the sharp stings coming from the sensor alarm. Surrounded by the high, soundproof walls stretching across the room, Gary barked a question towards me with the face of grimace, “Bastard…how many people have you killed for your ‘experiments?!”. As I flicked off the blood on the bone saw towards the ground. I
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