Morgan Swift: A Narrative Fiction

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Morgan Swift’s black Nike shoes slammed down on the uneven sidewalk. Morgan loved the rhythm of it: thump-thump, thump-thump. Her heart beat faster as she made her way down her street, Hapgood Way. Morgan turned a corner and watched the bumpy sidewalk become smooth and black. She passed the police department and the large brick municipal building, with the huge green field in front and the tall flagpole. A minute or two later she was passing the town’s small 7-Eleven, where she got bags of candy and slushies in the summer. Cars whizzed past as she ran down Main Street. Not one snowflake could be seen in the gray winter sky. Morgan smiled. It was so nice to be able to run in January. Usually, she was cooped up inside and itching to run during the winter months. But this…show more content…
As she pushed start, Morgan remembered how she had raised money to upgrade her family’s old, clunky treadmill. Of course, for that she had sold lemonade and did all her chores for a few months, which would hardly be enough. Morgan decided to run to the library, even though it was pouring. At least she’d have a book to read after. Her coat was no match for the rain, and by the time she reached the Shrewsbury Public Library she was soaked. She almost instantly spotted the boy at the meeting, who was sitting at a wooden table. “Hey, weren’t you at the track meet?” she asked the boy. He looked up from his book. “Oh, yeah. I’m trying to find ways to raise money. Do you want to help?” He pointed at a stack of books, all on how to make money. Morgan sat on the chair across from him. She picked up a thin book titled, Moneymaking Ideas for the Middle School Student. As she opened to the first page, Morgan felt a glimmer of hope. Maybe track was still a possibility. The boy abruptly whispered, “That’s it!” Morgan looked up from her book. “We can have a race!” Morgan nodded enthusiastically. That was the perfect way to raise
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