Morgan's Hero: A Short Story

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Morgan’s mom was a hero, but she passed away. And this is how Morgan’s mom Anna, died she was saving a little boy, In a house fire and when she got the boy out she felt relieved and the boy was crying for his teddy bear. So when she went to look for the bear the smoke was getting heavier like a monster truck. She went in to get the boys bear anyways. her cape caught on fire. And they needed another hero so they made her daughter a hero. When Morgan found out that she could be a hero like her mom she was so excited and she was thinking of her mom. And she got to wear the same hero suit as her mom, but it just had one thing different about it she had her own name on it. She’s kinda scared what’s going to happen because her mom died. Morgan met a boy named Dylan who…show more content…
They were looking by some apartments. And they saw Michael putting Dylan's brother in the car. Daylans brother had tape on his mouth, rope in his feet and hands. Morgan was so scared but she tip toed and was heading to get to the car, and when she got in the car she busted the back window and hurried up and grabbed him and ran as fast as she could. Michael was grabbing a gun, then Morgan got low and was hiding herself and Dylan's brother. She called, Dylan and told him, “Come pick me and your brother up we are behind MIchael’s house.” Daylan said, “ok i’m coming” Morgan said, “be careful she has a gun and she tries to find us please don’t get caught getting us.” Daylan said “I won’t i’m coming from the back to y’all can jump the fence and come in the car. Morgan said “ok hurry” When Morgan, Daylan and his brother got to the hero station, they had a little celabration because it was morgans first mishon and she got throw it. Morgan said, “I had fun saving your brother, and i cant wat to save a nother person.” Daylan said, “thanks a lot Morgan you saved my brother.” And Larry thanked me also. And then after a little whil Morgan and Daylan becam best
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