Morgan's Stand Below the Goldsboro Road

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Morgan's Stand Below the Goldsboro Road Morgan’s famous heroic stand below Goldsboro Road would begin on March 18th. His “division (Second), Fourteenth Army Corps, took the advance for the Left Wing at 5:30 A.M. on Saturday the eighteenth”(Hughes Jr., 17). After Morgan helped federal foragers in his division fight off small rebel forces near Bushy Swamp, Sherman ordered him to hold his division where it was. In the early morning of March 19th, Morgan’s men would advance along with Sherman and WilliamCarlin’s men. They would soon be told to hold position again as Carlin went to engage against Confederates. It wouldn’t be until the afternoon at three o clock that Morgan would soon have to help Carlin and Slocum against the Confederates, due to Carlin’s inability to stop them in the skirmishes. After Mitchell had placed his men into the appropriate area, Morgan’s unit would march in. He would send one of his men to send a message to generals in the battle. First he sent a message “to Davis requesting that Vandever’s brigade (backed with the wagons at the rear of the corps) be rushed to him”(Hughes Jr, 98). Morgan also sent one to Benjamin Fearing to ask if he could help General Mitchell by being at his right while having some of his men attack to help “stiffen Vernon’s skirmish line” (Hughes Jr., 98). Also seeing that there were no enemy troops on the right side near Goldsboro road, Morgan ordered one of his men to perform reconnaissance. Later, he and his men would have to

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