Morgantown: Community Analysis

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Every Community faces a variety of community health problems. The health of a community relies on four factors: physical, social and culture, community organization and individual behaviors. I believe my hometown struggles most with individual behavior, specifically poor and unhealthy lifestyle decisions. How individual community members behave reflects back onto the community as a whole. Unhealthy lifestyle decisions can have a lifetime affect on the individual as well as the community. My hometown is Morgantown in Butler County Kentucky. It is the picture perfect small town that you would see in a movie. However, what the movies don’t show is the underlying community health problems that every small town or community has. After reflecting back on my hometown I have come to the conclusion that Morgantown gets bad a reputation due to individuals who make poor or unhealthy life decisions. Morgantown is suffering from drug and alcohol abuse not only adults, but minors as well. According to Mackenzie and Pinger (2015), “…control of behavioral risk factors alone-such as lack of…show more content…
I interviewed a local police officer on drug and alcohol abuse in the city of Morgantown. I asked the officer if Morgantown had a Drug Task Force or a certain team of officers who only work to prevent the abuse of drugs and work to enforce the federal drug laws. He informed me that we do not have a Drug Task Force. An example of community organization that would help prevent drug and alcohol abuse in Morgantown is a Drug Task Force. In 2015 Butler County Kentucky suffered a total of 8 deaths caused by drug overdose (Tilley and Ingram, 2015, p. 8). Not only is drug abuse and overdose affecting my hometown, it affects communities all over the United States. 159,302 people died from drug abuse and overdose nationwide (Multiple cause of death, 1999-2013 Query
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