Morland's Critique Of A Vegetarian

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Summary: Morland argues that queer theory’s valorization of pleasure risks characterizing postsurgical bodies as decisively impoverished. Morland finds that queer theory’s critical value lies in its theorization of desire independent of tactility, and figures this desire not as touching, but rather as reaching, exceeding surgical attempts to discipline the intersex body. The author makes four key claims regarding the intersex body. First, the desensitized post-surgical body cannot be accounted for by a queer discourse in which sexual pleasure is a form of hedonistic activism. Second, a queer discourse of shame enable a critical engagement with the surgical creation of atypically sensate bodies. Third, queerness is characterized by the sensory interrelation of pleasure and shame. Finally, if queer theory is figured as a kind of reaching—not necessarily touching—then it can be of greater use in account for the problematic effects of intersex surgery.…show more content…
The author then draws to Pat Califia’s contrast between the “pleasure” of sadomasochism and “the real slavery or exploitation.” This contrast draws attention to the main theme of Califia’s essay, which relates sexual pleasures as converse to sexuality’s institutional formations. He claims this contrast has shaped the connection between queer theory and intersex. Her contrast between subcultural sadomasochism and institutionalized heteronormativity conveys how queer discourse of pleasure prioritized transient sexual activities over stable gender identities, likewise, intersex activism has emphasized healthy sexual functioning as an alternative to reforming gender
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