Mormon Camp

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The Camp Situation In the state of Utah, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the main church. They are known as Mormons to everyone. Being just a straight Christian, it was hard to grow up here. Parents wouldn’t allow me to be friends with their children because I wasn’t Mormon. This is the reason I had very few friends growing up. One of them was Mormon but her parents were the nicest people I could have ever met. They didn’t care about my religious affiliation. My parents have always taught me to be very open with other people and their religions. When I was 14, my best friend, Sammy, invited my other friend, McKelle, and I to Mormon Girl’s Camp with her for an entire week. Both McKelle and I were super excited to go. It…show more content…
We did hikes every single day to some amazing locations. One day, we wanted to play baseball, so we took a pinecone and wrapped it in tinfoil. Then we found a broken branch that had fallen off a tree. Then we set up four bases and proceeded to play. The entire time we were just laughing and having the most fun. On four out of the seven days, we would have a Bible study. There was only one lesson that came from the Book of Mormon, all the rest were from the Bible. I had a lot of fun at Bible study. It was just like I would do when I was little. I learned a lot about the Book of Mormon which helped me more to fully understand their religion. We did many service projects to give to newborns or to the homeless when we got home. We would take baby blankets and wrap them up with a baby toy. Or we would put food, a pair of gloves, a scarf and a jacket into a backpack for the homeless. We would have huge bonfires with all eight wards which was amazing. The fires was in a huge fifteen foot diameter…show more content…
Everyone sat down around the fire and we had a meeting. Here, girls would have the choice to state their testimony (spoken statement about how they think the Church is true). McKelle and I both knew that we wouldn’t have to give our testimony if we didn’t want to. All the girls around McKelle and I were bearing their testimonies. The Bishop looked at McKelle and I and asked, “Which one of you is going next?”
McKelle and I just looked at each other and didn’t say anything. This is when we both started to get really nervous. The Bishop raised his voice, “McKelle, why don’t you bear yours right now.”
“No, I don’t feel very comfortable with saying that,” McKelle
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