Mormonism Essay

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is commonly known as Mormonism and is somewhat a familiar topic to me as I grew up in a very prominent Mormon area in North Atlanta. The Temple was located directly behind the ward that was near my house. I had a good number of Mormon friends and acquaintances. One of the things I admired about the Mormons I had exposure to was the love and devotion of family. Each of my Mormon friends that were married were totally committed to their family and building that bond through a various number of activities. I have come to know the LDS church for their strength in family through their ministry, boy scouts, sports activities, Wednesday night church activities, the youth group, and so much more; They…show more content…
Mormons are well known for the missionaries that come door to door to proselyte non-believers, this is done in efforts to share the love of God and the mercy for His people. They want to unify the community in God because they are commanded to by their scripture and they believe this with better sustain society spiritually. I have known many Mormons in my life and while I never converted to Mormonism I do believe that their strong conviction to the family principals would definitely benefit society. We as a secular community have stayed from our traditions not only in faith & religion but with our funeral traditions that are dying out with cremation, “green burial”, and water resonation become increasingly more popular. Mormons place their traditions very high in the Mormon life. In closing, I reflect on my experiences with my Mormon friends and the great times we had together hiking, fishing, camping, mountain biking, and even the times I visited the church for basketball games or other youth activities. I have an appreciation for their faith and family enrichment structure; I think about how society could benefit from some of these teachings. My friends often text or email me pictures of their family and what adventures they are enjoying together, all in the name of their heavenly
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