Morocco : A Country Of The Country

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Morocco is located in Northwest Africa, it has a coastline on the north Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It is almost the same size of California . Morocco is a mountainous place and is intersected by the Sahara desert. The capital of the country is Rabat and the largest city is Casablanca. One thing that sets morocco aside from the rest of the countries, is crafting and producing traditional items. Morocco 's filled with unique style and art. The art is displayed especially on their mosques and architecture. Some examples are, pottery and ceramics, jewelry and accessories. The art and traditions of Morocco is a vital factor that brings tourists in. The climate of Morocco is mostly moderate and subtropical. But the further from the ocean, the colder it gets and vice versa. The climate causes threat to its economic activities, including, fishing, agriculture and tourism. The official language of Morocco is Arabic but Spanish and French are also spoken. The official religion of Morocco is Sunni Islam. Although the vast majority practices Sunni Islam, there are many people who practice Christianity. Morocco is a constitutional monarchy that has an elected parliament. The current king of morocco is Mohammed VI. The King has a lot of executive and legislative powers that overrules religious matters, foreign-policy, and military. The government consists of three main branches the executive, legislator, and judiciary. The country’s chief executive body is the cabinet of
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