Morragh Mine

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Morragh Mine 1. Identify the hazards in the case, which can be environmental, situational, human or ergonomic. Environmental Hazards Mining is a dangerous occupation, and many of these dangers are associated with the environment in which the miners worked. One environmental hazard evident in this case was the dangers the miners encountered while working underground. While working in this type of situation there are always threats of cave-ins and because the environment is underground there would be a lack of natural light. Situational Hazards Situational hazards are known as unsafe conditions which exist when proper measures are not taken by company officials, for example, management not providing proper safe equipment. There are many…show more content…
Management was not allowing adequate time for maintenance work. It was reported that two months before the explosion a maintenance worker could not complete repair work on mining equipment because it was needed for work underground. Because management allowed broken equipment to be involved in dangerous mining operations this would be a human hazard. Maintenance workers were also required to modify machinery in order to conform to safety regulations. This is a human hazard because workers are required to work with machinery that could possibly be dangerous and employees maybe using the machinery improperly. Management did not encourage the development of an occupational health and safety committee. The company never encouraged the committee to meet and discuss safety concerns and management was not involved with the committee. There were also problems with mining inspections, government investigations into this problem produced irregularities. Many orders issued by mining inspectors were not carried out. Management and mining inspectors not ensuring that safety standards were followed is a human hazard. 2. How does the case illustrate the statement, "poor occupational health and safety is a high cost item?" Distinguish between direct and indirect costs in your answer. This explosion is a prime example of what could happen if employers do not follow
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