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Quote: “He had discussion groups about dying, what it really meant, how societies has always been afraid of it without necessarily understanding it” (11-12).
Reason: This sentence appealed to me because I also find that people do in fact fear death, but we will never fully understand it. I think the sentence is important because even though most of society fears death, Morrie has learned to accept it and he tries to have a positive outlook about it.

Quote: “I lost contact with most of the people I knew in college” (14).
Reason: This sentence stood out to me because as I move up to different grade levels in school, I lose a good amount of friends. I lost contact with them since neither one of us decided to make an effort in staying friends
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Reason: I chose this quote because I tend to dwell on the past and my regrets about what I could have done. It’s hard for me to accept the past as what it truly is, but I am getting there. I believe this sentence is important because Morrie had regrets about not getting in touch with Morrie sooner or losing touch with his brother. Morrie did in fact rekindle his relationship with Morrie though. It is always better late than never. I am sure that Mitch was glad he got to spend time with Morrie before his time though.

Quote: “The culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves” (42).
Reason: I chose to use this quote because it made me think about how the society we have today sets bad examples. Society teaches us to do things a certain way, but we should not have to follow it. We should have the ability to do things our own way. For those who don’t have the ability to do so, they can be unhappy. Live life to its fullest. Do what you want, not what others decide. I think this sentence is important because Morrie had developed his own culture. He did things his own way and he was so carefree about
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I think that I would try and spend more time with family because they are much more important than any success I’ll have in my career. This sentence is important because Mitch was so occupied with his career that he lost contact with Morrie after promising him that he would stay in touch. Mitch did not rekindle their relationship until he learned what Morrie was diagnosed with. He did so because he knew Morrie could die at any time and he wanted to make the most of what time was
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