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Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom is a true story of an old man and his way of dealing with the knowledge that he is slowly dying, and a disease is taking over his body.

Morrie Schwartz was Mitch Alboms college professor more than twenty years ago. We are first introduced to Morrie while Mitch is flipping through the television channels and suddenly hears Morrie’s name. Mitch had not heard from his from professor for years and had not tried to get in touch with the professor, so the news he heard next from the screen was a shock. Morrie Schwartz, his college professor had been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Scierosis or (ALS) an incurable and fatal disease that takes over your nervous system. It is also known as Lou Gehrig’s
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Once Mitch finds out that Morrie is sick he tries to get a hold of Morrie and travels to Morrie’s house to meet with Morrie. Over the course of the next few months Mitch flies to Pennsylvania every Tuesday to meet with Morrie. The reunited friends begin to have their last sessions together about the importance of life and what is in it. Morrie has lost the use of his legs by now and uses his hands and arms to explain everything. Mitch gradually starts to open up to Morrie and is more comfortable about being around him. The first television special they had on Morrie was so popular that another special was recorded about the development of the disease. Morrie eventually loses the ability to eat normal foods and the ability to move his hand. Mitch had recorded the sessions every Tuesday and on one special Tuesday Morrie asks to meet Mitch’s wife, Janine.

The disease finally completely took over Morrie one evening, he passed away when everyone had stepped out of the room peacefully, not wanting any one person to have to bear the memory of when Morrie passed.

The author, Mitch Albom was a former professional musician, and hosts a daily radio show on WJR in Detroit. Albom writes for the Detroit Free Press, and has been voted America’s number one sport columnist ten times by the Associated Press Sports Editors. Mr. Albom also often appears regularly on ESPN’s “The Sports Reporters”. He has also written Bo and Fab

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