Morris Fiorina's The Rise Of The Washington Establishment Beings

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Morris Fiorina, the writer of The Rise of the Washington Establishment beings the article by explaining the basic theories on which the axiom lies on. He starts off by telling the reader that typically a person acts in their own self-interest. He doesn’t condone this but does agree with Thoreau’s comment that, “if I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good I should run for my life.”
Another point he makes is that the primary goal for a congressman is to be reelected. They feel if they should serve and be reelected for more than one term. Otherwise, it doesn’t count as an achievement and they won’t retain the status, power, and excitement of having a seat in the cockpit of the government. Also, bureaucrats have goals that play into their role in society. Most of them wish to protect and nurture their agencies. In addition to the other two points, we the people are …show more content…

They take in to consideration the general welfare of people and provide justification for what a law is and why it must be followed. The rise of federal bureaucracy to meet certain expectations has led to a larger government. They have a unique position in power. But, sometimes they make poor decisions that reflect badly on the Capitol. Generally, these committees make budget cuts that can go against most agencies wishes. And a bureaucracy needs congressional activity to keep an agency existent. Although it may go against their wishes, they consider it a small price to pay for the goodwill its cooperation will produce.
A second activity they partake in is called pork barreling, which is the use of government funds to support a federal project that is designed to please voters and take home the “bacon” (votes). Their programmatic actions are very influential to receiving votes. Selecting a major issue that everyone agrees on is impossible. From this a congressman can expect to make many friends as well as

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