Morris Fuller Beton and Typeface News Gothic

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Morris Fuller Beton creator of the Typeface News Gothic as well as many other typefaces was born in the year of 1844 in Little falls New Jersey. He was the son of Linn Boyd Beton an American engineer who created the ATF (American Type Founders Company) in the early 1892’s.
Morris Fuller’s father was an inventor and discovered many different ways to use and create typefaces, his most successfulness invention was a pantographic punch-cutting machine, this invention took the world of typography to the next level and created a way of industrializing the make, design and the actual production of typefaces. Fuller’s father created a mechanism that made the proses easier. The old way of creating a typeface took too long and one could not get the variations of size or width one could get with the use of the machine. Now the new way of developing typefaces has changed and has separated the typefaces and turned them into fonts as they still stand today but only today there are much more and are produced in a new much better scale. This Machine opened many doors that led to other great future ideas such as Ottmar Mergenthaler’s Linotype Machine in 1886, in the beginning of 20th century there were more and more typefaces that started to appear and that had been drawn by upcoming designers it was a trend and all wanted to try it out and all was produced by separate punch cutters an idea that Linn Boyd Benton began that increasingly grew more and more also went through new technological
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