Morrisons Stakeholders

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Independent Research Essay Assignment Attributes of Excellence Stakeholders A stakeholder is anybody who is affected by the business; they could be internal or external, as well as being in contact with them very often or only on occasions. Social Responsibility This is the duty and obligation of a business to other stakeholders. |Stakeholder |Example of responsibility to that stakeholder | |Shareholder |Good return on investment | |Employee |Fair pay and working conditions |…show more content…
As well as this, Morrison’s also introduced cutting carrier bags. This meant encouraging customers to reuse all bags and in May and December 2008 Morrison’s gave out free reusable bags to each customer which are 100% recycled. Employees Morrison’s are very passionate about developing their employee’s skills resulting in more skilled staff in their food preparation than any other supermarket. 2008/2009 meant the launch of Morrison’s fresh food academy. This enhances employee craft skills, food knowledge, food safety and customer service. They aim to train 100,000 colleagues to NVQ level 2 by spring 2011. 2008 also meant the introduction of Morrison’s Food safety induction to ensure the safety of all their colleagues in the workplace. This was accredited by the Royal Society for public health. Their interest and care of their employees has resulted in a 7.5% improvement in their staff retention from January 2007 to December 2008. Customers Guideline daily amount labels are included on all relevant own-brand foods. The amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, sugars, fat, saturates, fibre and sodium are included. As well as this the ‘5-a-day` labelling is found on a range of fresh and frozen produce. Morrison’s website, magazines and recipes all provide tips for eating fresh, healthy and nutritious food. They were first of the top four supermarkets to commit to selling 100% fresh British meat throughout the year. They also have their own-brand Fairtrade coffee
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