Mortal vs. Immortal: No One is Perfect and Everyone Worships False Gods

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People have always idolized those who seemed perfect. Despite the fact that, “Nobody is perfect,” most people admire their “false god” as needless to say, perfect. However for many people, their idol is a god or gods, because they are pre conceived as perfect. Greek gods however neglected this image and brought us to the fact that, that although the Olympians were gods, they had very human flaws or frailties. Unlike the words we use to characterize gods, we describe the Olympians as having poor relations among one another, a some what phobia of change, and holding bitter grudges.

Many people correlate the greek gods not having problems with love considering Aphrodite is a national love symbol. Nonetheless defects regarding love
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Zeus had feared humans since they were created by Epimetheus, and if they happened to overthrow him it would result in him facing the same deaths as his father and grandfather. He decided to keep them around for having them worship him, however he would take any means necessary in making sure they stayed below him, even if that meant sending a terrible flood. Moreover Zeus feared his family breaking apart, because if they could help him get his throne, they could just as easily take it away. As a result, Zeus tries to be as indecisive as possible by agreeing with both parties who seem to have a problem. For example he stayed by Demeter and Hades in the argument regarding Persephone, and tried siding with both. However this resulted in Demeter forbidding all crops to grow, which in return Zeus had to compromise. Moreover when Hera, Aphrodite, and Athene asked Zeus who was most beautiful he put the dirty work towards Paris, and this resulted in an all out war. In the end change for both mortals and Immortals result in having to deal with the shift in lifestyle, and refusing to do so will result in consequences for both mortals and gods.

Bearing a grudge for mere mortals result in a hatred for one person and not able to do anything or a merely breakup between the two friends. With gods on the other hand the outcome could be crops not growing for 5 months to an all out Trojan War. Persephone, Demeter’s daughter got captured by
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