Mortality In The Movie : The Lovely Bones

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The main goal in philosophy is to shows us the right way on how to live a great life and to understand its meaning and purpose. Every philosopher has their own blueprint, which includes different methods and rules on how to reach that goal; these include backing up your opinions with reason, seeking secure foundations in ‘objective truth’, thinking outside of your own perspective, and seeking intellectual and moral excellence, wisdom and prudence. Philosophy will help you analyze and learn about your own knowledge, freedom, morality, religion, and the meaning of life.
The theme of this movie suggests mortality, which concerns the distinction of doing bad or good behaviors. Mortality shows us that life is fragile. This idea makes us question our purpose in life. An example is one of the most famous philosophers named Socrates, who had developed a Socratic method to ask questions about our assumptions and to stimulate critical thinking of what is right and wrong. He makes us reason through our opinions and beliefs to narrow down the truth.
In the movie, “The Lovely Bones”, directed by Peter Jackson, a 14-year-old girl named Susie Salmon was brutally murdered on December 6th, 1973 by her next-door neighbor, named Mr. Harvey. At first, she went missing for a while and the police were only able to find traces of her hat, and an excessive amount of blood. This information led them to declare that Susie had been kidnaped and killed. In her poor state of mind, she did not realize
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