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Morte d Arthur In the Medieval Period, knights dedicated their lives to following the code of chivalry. In Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, a number of characters performed chivalrous acts to achieve the status of an ideal knight. Their characteristics of respect for women and courtesy for all, helpfulness to the weak, honor, and skill in battle made the characters King Arthur, King Pellinore, and Sir Gryfflette examples of a what knights strove to be like in Medieval society. Because of the examples ofchivalry, Le Morte d’Arthur showed what a knight desired to be, so he could improve theworld in which he lived. Respect for women and courtesy were two major characteristics that knights longed to develop, and King …show more content…
This was considerate behavior because even though he was angry, he was polite and allowed them to leave safely. The warning also showed his courtesy because he could have not told them in anticipation of their return in order to kill them because of their disagreement. These two examples of King Arthur’s respect for the Lady of the Lake and the Roman ambassadors made him a model knight since he was obeying the code of chivalry. In addition to being courteous, being helpful to the weak was another aspect of chivalry portrayed through characters in the story. First, Arthur tried to be helpful to Merlin when he was being chased by ruffians. Arthur chased them away while riding his horse. Merlin was not in real danger because of his magical powers, but the intent of Arthur was to help someone who needed because he thought Merlin’s powers might have failed him. Another example of this chivalrous quality was illustrated during the battle between King Pellinore and Sir Gryfflette. Pellinore knocked Gryfflette off his horse and, “swiftly ran over to him and loosened his armor.” He then, “lifted him gently onto his horse” (page 74). Sir Gryfflette was weak, and he was just knighted that day, so Pellinore did the chivalrous action and helped him. Being helpful to the weak was a quality that all the knights were trying to develop, and King Arthur and King Pellinore showed this attribute in their actions with Merlin and
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