Mortgage-Overspending Paradox Essay

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2. Mortgage-Overspending Paradox Muslims have long been warned of such detrimental spending habits. Prior to the immigration of the Prophet (S) to Madinah. A series of verses in Surah Al Isra [17:23- 39, labelled by some as the 10 commandments] were revealed. They were meant to be amongst the cumulative wisdom revealed to formulate an Islamic community and society. The verses begin with the hierarchy of rights upon an individual that are due; from Allah (SWT) down to the wayfarer. A stern warning is given regarding squandering wealth; ‘and do not squander recklessly. Surely, squanderers are the brothers of satans [17:26-27].’ Alluded is the correlation between squandering of wealth and the antithesis of such; the fulfillment of the rights of others. From a practical view, the verse begs the question, ‘how could one…show more content…
In Surah Al Baqarah, spanning nearly 3 pages [lines 2:261-281] the etiquette and reward of charitable givings is maintained. Referenced is wide array of topics from overt/covert givings to seeking out those who do not ask. After lengthy discussion on the method of handling the provisions given by the creator, a stern warning is given to those who practice poor financial habits initiated with usury. This beautiful juxtaposition illustrates the acceptable, as well as the unacceptable, methods of handling finances. Poor financial habits, in these particular verses embellished with riba, can be discerned as a threat to the practice of giving, and practically a gateway to excessive spending. The end result is, as the verse of Surah Al Isra reminds us, ‘lest [avoid the risk] you should be sitting reproached [disappointed], empty-handed.’ The warning of this denial of the fundamental right of a portion of society was so stern that it could only have been revealed at the formation of the first Islamic
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