Mortgage Serviction Process Paper

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The name of my process is Conveying foreclosure properties to housing urban development (HUD). The twelve steps that are required in processing my job are first, my supervisor will have assigned the foreclosure file to the processor once the property has been sold and receiving confirmation from the attorney of the sale results. Second, I will enter the foreclosure loan number Regions system which is call Mortgage Servicing Process (MSP) that I have received the file from the pre-processor. Third, I will review the file for any major damages and check for occupancy. Occupancy is to determine if the property has been reported occupied or vacant. Fourth, I if the property is occupied. I will immediately email Regions hired attorney office to start the eviction process. Fifth, if the…show more content…
Eight, I will follow the maintenance of the property by emailing the company daily for property status, this should also be a thirty-day process. Ninth, during the eviction process I will commute back and forth with the attorney office in providing them with requested information and documentation of the mortgagor. When I as the processor received notification that the property is vacant I will have the file closed with the attorney office and request for their final eviction invoice for payment. Tenth, I will complete the process with the property and preservation in making sure the property is in conveying condition. Eleventh, after receiving the history of the maintenance of the property I will review the documentation and before and after photos of the property from the interior/ exterior, front yard, back yard, the roof condition, and making sure that what was notated from the inspector at first time vacancy is correct. Twelfth, I will contact the attorney office and advise if the title is clear and if so, I will have the attorney office to send the deed to HUD out for recording. “Process are sequential steps of work activities, designed to accomplish objectives”
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