Mortgage Vs Bad Credit Mortgage

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Obviously most people can't afford to buy a house with cash, so most home buyers need to obtain a mortgage. A mortgage is a loan given to the person who wants to buy the house and the house that the individual wants to buy is then held as the collateral for this money until the debt is fully paid off. The payment for this debt is done in monthly installments that have a calculated interest rate.

Bad credit mortgages work exactly the same way, but are for people who have a poor credit history. For example they may be individuals who have always been late to make their car payments, not pay their utilities on time, or forget to pay their monthly credit card bills. Even simple carelessness can take a toll on your credit score, the people you owe money to don't care why you can't pay, they just care that they're not getting paid. This inability to make payments on time decreases a person's credit score with the credit reporting agencies.
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Well as mentioned above, it is mainly targeted at those who have poor credit history. Those who are having a hard time getting a loan to buy their dream home. The other difference is that the terms of payment for a bad credit mortgage are entirely different. More often than not the rates offered for the bad credit mortgage are significantly higher. The advantage of the bad credit mortgage is that you do get the loan. It is very frustrating going from bank to bank and not being able to secure a loan so sometimes the higher interest rate may be worth it.

The question then arises how can I get this bad credit mortgage? This is the beautiful part about the bad credit mortgage. You do not need a lot because it is basically designed for those who do not have a lot. That is why it is called the bad credit mortgage. Sometimes it is even given to those who have no credit history at all. Do not forget no credit history means you have a low credit
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