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Handout 1: The Sociological Perspective Name: ____________________________________ 1. Watch “The Undertaking” where this video examines a family who works in the funeral industry as a window into American feelings on death and dying. Then, respond to the following questions: How do funeral rituals describe by the Lynch family show our cultural values about death and dying? How would a sociologist create a research question to systematically evaluate the claims that the Lynch family makes about death and dying? The funeral industry arguably exists to serve micro-level relationships, consoling individuals who have just lost others central to their social existence. How is the funeral industry connected to institutions at the community and…show more content…
In terms of personality, which parent are you most like—your mother or your father—and in what ways? Then, discuss how, if at all, your answers may help to shed light on the “nature” versus “nurture” debate. 3. Watch the film “The Released” where in this episode explores the lives of mentally ill prisoners both during their time in prison, and following their release into society. According to the episode, nearly two-thirds are rearrested within 18 months of being released. Then, respond to the following questions: The chapter discusses the concept of a “total institution.” In what ways is a prison a “total institution?” How does this type of society differ from that of the outside world? The chapter also discusses the process of “resocialization”. In what ways are prisoners “resocialized” when they enter prison? How are they resocialized when they re-enter general society? Does it seem like these prisoners are actually being resocialized after their release? What agents of socialization could be utilized to ensure resocialization takes place after prisoners are released? Handout 4: Social Structure and Interaction Name: ____________________________________ 1. Identify your locations in the social structure in terms of culture, social class, social status, roles, groups, and social institutions. Then, looking at each of these components, provide at least one example of how these components have influenced your current perceptions, attitudes, and/or

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