Mosaic 2 Class Game Analysis

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Vincent Wijaya
Mosaic II / RTTP

Overall, I enjoyed the RTTP game experience in mosaic 2 class. I enjoyed the open discussion aspect of it. The uncertainty of how the votes are going to go in the beginning further adds to the fun. Although it’s more anticipated that the Suffrage wins, the final outcome were not always fixed every time the game is played. Each and everyone’s argument/speech no matter how small or big contributes to shaping the way of votes goes. It’s amusing to see how some classmates chose to play their character aggressively and some passively. As a result, I became to know my classmates a little better. Traditional learning method such as PowerPoint is less interactive compared to RTTP. Through RTTP, we learn history by taking roles and expressing our ideas persuasively, thus we may remember the material we learned for a longer period of time. It’s a bit unfortunate that we didn’t have an extended amount of time to play this game. The book can be difficult at times for someone with English as second language like me. However, what I like about the book is that it enabled me to learn interesting things about the root of American culture. Women movement in US history is a very unique and such a foreign idea to a
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However, the instructor willingness to elaborate and show additional movie, plays a big part in helping me understanding the materials. RTTP game is different than the conventional method of just giving a bunch of facts. In Reacting games, we can deviate from the actual events and outcomes of the past. This experience further strengthens my persuasion skills by making plans for the unexpected, which is a valuable skill for a student like me to have. As an indeterminate, I learned by watching the suffrage and labor group closely that to be persuasive we need to understand the position of those we wish to persuade and study their
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